ZAG is comprised of a team of seasoned marketing experts who understand how to fit the strengths of event and mobile marketing into your marketing plan in a complementary and measurable way.

ZAG brings its clients' products and services to life in event-based settings through programs that deliver tangible results.

At ZAG Marketing, our mission is to convert consumers into card-carrying brand ambassadors for our clients.

Our work ranges from elaborate, large-scale, national marketing tours to highly efficient, consumer-connected sampling campaigns.

ZAG Elements of Success

    • The foundation for powerhouse event-based programs is sound strategy. Event programs must be an extension of the brand and be built out from the brand's marketing base.
    • Onto that foundation a brilliant idea must be born. The right idea can multiply the impact of the marketing program many times over. The wrong idea can compromise the integrity of a brand and bring the program to a grinding halt.
    • The final element is execution. There are literally thousands of details involved in producing an event-based program and nowhere does "sweating the details" count for more. By the time an event marketing program hits the ground, it needs to be running with precision and accuracy.

The Power of Great Event Marketing is Undeniable

ZAG Marketing is a full service event marketing, experiential marketing, sampling and mobile marketing company with nationwide reach. ZAG Marketing is built around the idea that all of the strategic thought, creativity, and executional excellence must be directed to a single goal – helping you sell more of your products or services.

For us, it comes down to a few basic principles:

  • Great Ideas that Drive Results
  • Business Transparencies
  • Meticulous Execution
  • Outstanding Client Service

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Recent Work: StubHub Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX Event Marketing – ZAG Marketing & StubHub