The Ebay Challenge

Produce individual, live event-auctions based around various charity events throughout the U.S. including the Live Aid and Global Citizens Festivals.  Design, stage and operate these on-site and on-line auctions to drive awareness for the Ebay App while raising money for important causes.

ZAG Marketing Solution

ZAG created custom event components for each charity specific to the cause, sought and curated the appropriated location for space and conceptualized the event theme. Additionally, we hired all promotional staff with extensive training to help individuals demo the Ebay App as well as, educating consumers about the auction items that would in turn, encourage them to place bids.

ebay charity auction series logo

Marketing Tour Results

  • These auctions became an important focal point of each event
  • Charities were thrilled to integrate the program at their top events
  • Program raised significant funds for each charity
  • High percentage of non Ebay users were educated on the App, installed it on their phones and placed bids while there