Case Study

StubHub – Super Bowl 2009-2017


Build on the success of StubHub’s largest and most prestigious customer event during the Super Bowl each year.  Design, develop, produce and execute a high-end pre-game celebration for StubHub customers rivaling all of the biggest events in town.

ZAG Solution:

Working closely with StubHub’s operations and marketing teams, ZAG helps identify best potential locations in high-traffic areas of the city and designs a temporary venue transformation for the selected space featuring “pop-up” retail stores, catering, activation and entertainment spaces.  Managing the entire project from idea to installation, ZAG converts various spaces – including an abandoned department store, ice skating rinks, a theme park, exhibit halls and parking lots – into a functional show-piece and memorable experience for StubHub’s Super Bowl customers.  In addition to picking up their tickets to the big game, customers are treated to NFL player appearances, food and beverage, interactive games and activities, face painting, fan photos, giveaways and much more.

After many years of working with StubHub, ZAG’s team has designed and converted 9 different Super Bowl locations and is currently in planning for next year.


  • Each year StubHub’s Super Bowl event grows in size, scope and popularity
  • StubHub continues to eclipse its previous Super Bowl sales numbers
  • StubHub customers are continually blown away by the pre-game party and compare it favorably to other major Super Bowl events they attend
  • As a non-sanctioned sponsor of the Super Bowl, StubHub is still able to benefit significantly from this major exposure and is able to leverage its presence through various channels