Experiential Marketing Dallas TX

Experiential Marketing Dallas TX
Experiential Marketing Dallas TX

At ZAG Marketing planning and executing great Experiential Marketing Dallas TX campaigns that promote a product or service is just another day at the office. When we’re in charge, you can count on us to ensure there is instant and effective brand awareness with activation that makes an impact. Our focus is on constructing campaigns that always generate the desired response from consumers on their first interaction with your product or service.

First impressions always matter when it comes to brand promotion. Sometimes there are only a few seconds to make a meaningful interaction with a consumer. It’s all about creating an impact from a brief interaction at a specific time and place. This is why the way your campaign is executed is the most important factor. It is something that is taken seriously at ZAG.

Experiential Marketing is the heart of our business and it’s what we do best.

Our experience with consumer marketing includes large scale, mainstream brands. We have worked with Stubhub on a variety of projects and for over a decade, we have executed their annual Super bowl ticket pick-up event. This event brings thousands of consumers to a specified location and gives them the ultimate NFL fan experience.


Super Bowl XLIX Experiential Marketing Event for Stubhub – ZAG Marketing

 Benefits of Experiential Marketing Campaigns

In this day and age, consumers are generally being marketed to online through social media, search engines etc. An experiential marketing campaign takes your brand and creates real, face-to-face interaction with consumers. If you’re a new company looking for a fast and effective solution to getting your name out in public, there are a wide range of benefits experiential marketing can bring you:

  • Standing Out
  • Media and Influencer attention
  • Social media exposure with Insta-worthy installations
  • Consumers can experience your product or service
  • Memorable exposure