ZAG Marketing is highly competitive with other leading  event marketing companies in our creative, strategic planning and marketing capabilities…but superior in our dedication to execution excellence. From the simplest of street team programs to full-scale, integrated guerrilla marketing campaigns, we bring expertise and knowledge with a flexible and consultative approach to every project.

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a creative, competitive and effective content distribution strategy that strays from traditional & actually prides itself on that notion. More importantly, it is a low cost approach with big results and becoming more and more widely used by major brands throughout the United States. The ultimate goal is maximum exposure.

Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

You have more than likely encountered some form of this in your everyday life. The idea is to target large public spaces with high foot traffic. Examples of common locations for guerrilla marketing campaigns are: shopping centers, parks, beaches, races, and other events. The goal is to attract a large audience to engage with the product you are trying to promote. This may be the first impression the public has with the brand and additionally, a great opportunity for feedback. Some examples of how to promote products with this strategy:

  • A wellness and health brand can utilize a race, yoga event or even health food store to conduct a guerrilla marketing campaign
  • A sports drink brand can go to the beach and target beach-goers out in the hot sun, this will certainly draw a crowd
  • Try stopping at a shopping center with high foot traffic to promote almost any product

When it is ideal to use this type of marketing

Guerrilla marketing is ideal for small businesses that is new and doesn’t have a huge marketing budget. It is also perfect for major brands that want to test new products! If you’re looking for a way to get your product, service or event out to a large audience, you should consider planning a campaign like this.