There are few things more exciting for a brand team than to see their message rolling down the road from city to city in a jaw-dropping, converted marketing machine. Bringing brands on tour is something the ZAG team has been doing since the early days of event marketing. When clients need an ongoing brand presence in multiple markets, during an extended period of time, mobile marketing tours can be an ideal way to reach their demographic.

An experience on wheels is inherently inviting by nature. ZAG Marketing believes the best way to make your products seem more accessible is to, well, make them more accessible.

In order to make mobile tours worth stopping by, they need to provide an elevated experience. As such, we strive to elevate and then elevate again. Stepping foot into one of ZAG Marketing touring units means being transported somewhere new, if only for a moment.

When ZAG Marketing plans mobile tours, we aim to attract the same excitement from a community that a group of children feel when an ice cream truck rounds the corner. What better way to make people eager about your brand than to liven up a neighborhood? And that’s what we’ve always done. Zag Marketing brings the stuff around you alive.

Selling on-the-go doesn’t mean pushing. While mobile tours can definitely include on-site merchandise, the real goal is creating an experience that makes people want to buy your products through any and all channels. All it takes is a tank of gas, and a team of ZAG Marketing.

ZAG Marketing Mobile Tours is a performance-driven one-stop-shop mobile tour vendor serving some of the world’s biggest brands and their agencies. From consultation through fabrication, tour operations and reporting, our neurotic attention to detail and solutions-based, problem-solving approach separate us from the rest. Customers tell us that they trust Zag Marketing because we faithfully bring their ideas to life and provide them the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their tour will be executed with care, precision and skill.

orange bus at mobile marketing event
black truck parked at event
event guests boarding pink double decker bus