About ZAG Marketing

ZAG is comprised of a team of seasoned marketing experts who understand how to fit the strengths of experiential marketing into your marketing plan in a complementary and measurable way. Through creativity, experience, integrity, heart and hustle, ZAG will develop and execute programs for you that are smart, tight and effective.

In all aspects of your program, you will work with a core group of experts with extensive experience in creating, developing and executing nationwide events, mobile marketing tours, sampling campaigns, hospitality events and other custom promotions for dozens of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands.

Value Proposition

When you work with ZAG Marketing, you work with quality people who have the experience and imagination to help build your brands. Our approach is straightforward and our actions are quick and accurate. We know how to create the grand design, but we never lose sight of the day-to-day details that get us to our goals. From the simplest tasks to the most critical decisions, we back up our talk with work that exceeds expectations.

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