The Challenge

Obtain maximum Smoothie King® brand exposure and create a campaign with a call-to-action that drives traffic back to store locations.

  • Find a way to build on Smoothie King’s dedicated customer base
  • Effectively communicate important information about the brand to a large audience
  • Highlight brand qualities, differences and what makes it unique to others of its kind
  • Guide guests into becoming consumers by providing an opportunity to experience the product
  • Drive traffic back to local Smoothie King franchise stores

Our companys mission is to relentlessly influence more and more people to achieve a healthier lifestyle…” – Steve Kuhnau, president and co-founder of Smoothie King®

ZAG Solution

We started by developing a grass roots sampling campaign for Smoothie King® that would  feature a high-impact, customized, mobile smoothie kitchen. The next step was figuring out where the mobile kitchen would travel to. With a full-time, fully trained team of field managers, put together by ZAG large, consumer-connected events in key franchise markets were targeted.

This is where the Smoothie King For Life Program Mobile Tour was born. The entire event experience space totaled 60’ x 20’ and included engaging games, contests, music, giveaways and a product education center where guests can get more information.

Freshly made smoothies were made on site for attendees to try and they were also offered buy-one-get-one coupons to drive them back to the store, an effective call-to-action branding solution that proved to work.


  • Program reached millions of prospective customers at the right time of year in a way that excited consumers
  • Nearly 1 Million freshly prepared samples and 500,000 coupons were distributed during three annual campaigns
  • Program revolutionized a long-standing component of Smoothie King’s marketing strategy
  • Franchise partners saw significant measurable increases in store traffic during and after market visits
  • Each year the program grew as a result of high demand from the franchise stores and overwhelming consumer response

Tour Route

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Columbus, OH
  • Arlington, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Knoxville, TN