Experiential Marketing

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is an effective way for brands to create unique and memorable connections with customers in live, event-based settings.  Also referred to as event marketing, engagement marketing, grassroots marketing and activation marketing; experiential marketing incorporates tactics that include brand engagement, product education, trial and awareness while interacting with consumers.

Why does Experiential Marketing work?

Consumers are in a state of continuous marketing bombardment.  From digital marketing to traditional media, consumers are inundated with brand messaging.  As a brand trying to connect with their prospective customers in meaningful ways, this creates a crippling marketing challenge.

How does Experiential Marketing work?

Experiential marketing is designed to cut through the clutter and engage your target demographic at a time and in a place when they are most willing to listen.  Live, face-to-face interactions with consumers instantly excite their senses and connect them to your brand.  The more engaging your experience is, the more impactful the message can be.    

From mobile marketing tours with eye-catching, customized vehicles to streamlined product sampling campaigns; live experiences create a direct touch-point between you and your customers and provide an intimate connection with your brand.

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

  • Personalized engagement with your customers
  • Building a stronger connection to your brand
  • Creating a “WOW!” moment for your brand
  • Viral marketing opportunities
  • Social media and influencer attention
  • P.R. worthy media coverage
  • Relationship marketing and data capture
  • Product trial in a controlled environment
  • Product demonstration
  • Live customer service
  • Engaging a captive audience
  • Content creation for additional marketing

The following link is a great example of a well-planned experiential marketing program created for StubHub for their Super Bowl ticket holders.

Super Bowl XLIX Experiential Marketing Event for Stubhub – ZAG Marketing

Want to create a dynamic experience for your brand?