Case Study

StubHub’s “19th Hole at Augusta” Hospitality House

The Challenge

Design a high-end, patron-friendly hospitality venue for StubHub’s “The Masters” ticket holders.  Provide an exclusive experience for guests throughout the day who want to relax, dine and be entertained off the golf course.

ZAG Solution:

ZAG identified potential residences within walking distance from Augusta National Golf Course, negotiated a long-term lease agreement with the owner and built a one-of-a-kind hospitality space utilizing the existing property.

Construction on the project was approximately 6 months from start to finish.  When it was completed, ZAG was tasked with developing and operating the venue including: utility design & installation, interior design and installation, catering, security, talent, transportation, entertainment and facilities management.  With the addition of two annexed properties, ZAG was able to secure parking for 100 cars at a second residence and convert a third property into a ticket-pick-up and drop-off location for customers.


  • StubHub expanded its value proposition to customers and created a forum to engage them for extended periods of time
  • StubHub’s brand awareness within the city of Augusta, GA and with event-goers was elevated
  • Customers were thrilled at the level of service provided and bought into future “major events” on-the-spot
  • Tour operators negotiated large group packages due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers

Check out this video from “The 19th Hole at Augusta” below: