Guerilla Marketing

ZAG Marketing is a creative, results-oriented experiential marketing agency focused on event-based brand activations.  All of the strategic planning and executional excellence comes down to our dedication to driving client’s customers to the point of sale. From the simplest of street team programs to full-scale, integrated marketing campaigns, we bring highly-focused expertise and a depth of knowledge to everything we produce.

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is counter to most experiential marketing campaigns in that it is strategically designed to impact consumers in non-permission-based settings and without the structure of many traditional programs. Guerrilla marketing often capitalizes on heavily populated areas and city-wide events where consumers can be reached in large numbers and without the expense of official sponsorship fees.  Typically, guerrilla marketing tactics are sporadic, opportunistic and flexible.

When is it ideal to use Guerrilla Marketing?

You may have encountered guerrilla marketing campaigns in action without even realizing it. For instance, if you’re in a large city and you walk past someone handing out samples of a new product, chances are they  are sampling – “guerrilla style”.  Or perhaps you’ve gone to a convention center and you notice a billboard truck driving around the vicinity near the venue.  Most likely, this is also a guerrilla marketing campaign.

When it is ideal to use this type of marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a strategic way to maximize your marketing budget by not paying sponsorship fees.  However, there are risks involved.  Guerrilla marketing works best if the target markets offer a large audience and if your tactics can be executed without heavy penalties or risks. Some markets heavily regulate any type of guerrilla marketing and others will allow it as long as specific courtesies and rules are followed.

Large, sanctioned events such as NCAA tournaments or The Super Bowl are much more challenging to implement this type of campaign. These are highly regulated events that are laser focused on shutting down any un-sanctioned marketing activities in real time.

For best practices, each guerrilla marketing campaign must be thoughtfully planned and executed with optional contingency plans in place.

Is guerrilla marketing the right tactic for you?

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