Case Study

Compeed Blister Care Engages Customers at USA Triathlon Events Nationwide


Design a way for consumers to engage with the Compeed blister care brand in a relevant, targeted environment.  Educate consumers about the unique features and benefits of the product while providing real-time aid to those in need.

ZAG Solution:

Building off a three-year partnership with the USA Triathlon, ZAG worked closely with event management to create an on-site activation during strategic USAT events throughout the country. Here, when athletes needed it the most, they could take full advantage of Compeed products.  Providing a welcomed solution to their blistered feet and heels, this heavily branded, interactive booth space attracted consumers from around the race course.  Additionally, trained Brand Ambassadors were on-hand to offer product demonstrations and instructions.


  • Campaign ran for 3 years and became a “staple” among triathlon athletes and attendees
  • Samples were distributed with care and supervision to enhance their perceived value
  • Increased website traffic and bolstered 5-star product ratings with testimonial responses and on-site social media tie-in 
  • As a sponsor of the USAT, Compeed was able to leverage its partnership to include its packaging design, on-site event signage and social media, providing an integrated marketing campaign for the brand