For consumer products businesses, so much of marketing boils down to getting your product into the hands of the right person at the right time and place. This is where well-organized product sampling programs can make a large impact.

ZAG Marketing is an experiential marketing agency that excels at creating and implementing product sampling programs, ensuring a strategic delivery of your product with an emphasis on quality of interaction with your consumer.

Why You Need a Product Sampling Program

In today’s world, there’s so much competition so the need to stand out is more important than ever; one way to do this is to offer free samples. Offering product samples get you exposure quickly and gives consumers an opportunity to review your product before it even launches. Consumer businesses know reviews are the backbone of selling a product.


Most Common Sampling Program

The most common form of sampling programs are experiential marketing and direct mail. These methods allow a consumer to physically interact with your product, creating a relationship between them and your brand. This method is used when you want to get your product out into people’s hands in as quick a time as possible. This is beneficial for your business because it is proven to boost sales and it just works.