Product Sampling

Consumer products companies rely heavily on product trial also known as “sampling”.  In many cases, it is critical for a brand to offer up free samples to consumers in order to convert them into customers.  Product sampling is still one of the most effective and measurable ways to persuade consumers to try their product and ultimately drive them to key retailers to purchase.

But there is an art and a science to product sampling.  A successful sampling campaign includes strategic planning, tactical considerations that create a relevant, efficient and impactful marketing conduit to the brand, impeccable logistical coordination, proper field training and meticulous quality control.

ZAG Marketing is an experiential marketing agency that excels at developing and executing effective product sampling campaigns that ensure strategic delivery of your product into the hands and hearts of your prospective customers, all while focusing on the quality of interaction with your brand.

Why You Need a Product Sampling Program

Brands need to break through to consumers in effective ways.  Competition is fierce and well-funded in many cases.  In order for a brand to create a stand-out product that “moves the meter” in market share, they need to drive consumers to cash registers in big numbers.

Product sampling programs are strategic trial and awareness campaigns that target consumers en-masse and deliver instant gratification and results.  Through careful planning and coordination, product sampling is effective at introducing products to consumers, educating them about its benefits and eliciting a visceral reaction from them on-the-spot!

Further, product sampling can be designed as efficient, in-market activations throughout multiple markets simultaneously or as mobile marketing “tours” whereby trained field staff travel from market to market continuously.

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